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Al Jazeera and the Arab uprising

Each bit of information implies an ideology and is a form of advocacy.  This is true even of science.  The physics of Newton described a moral and political order, as well as a universe of mass and force. With the … Continue reading

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Information, events, and Cleopatra’s nose

That an event can galvanize behavior is a common and natural belief.   A young Tunisian, Mohamed Bouazizi, set himself on fire after humiliations at the hands of the police; his agony and death ignited a firestorm of protests, and within … Continue reading

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Shutting down the web

On Friday, 28 January, the Egyptian government shut the door on its population’s access to the internet.  How this was done is still unclear.  Initial reports mentioned phoned commands to service providers.  A more recent story posits a single internet … Continue reading

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