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Syria: “Death has become something ordinary”

Inevitably, yesterday’s massive protests across Syria were countered by lethal violence from armed minions of the regime.  At least 88 people are said to have died in the onslaught.  Protesters traded their blood and their lives in a bid to … Continue reading

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Bloody Syria in a transparent world

A barrage of YouTube videos has recently hit the web documenting the demonstrations in Syria, and the brutal response by the regime.  Barrage is the right word, too.   Watch the first minute of the video below – an attack last … Continue reading

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Hushed conversations at the deathbed of the news

I don’t know why they let me in, but the room was vast and domed like a mausoleum yet cluttered with preposterous-looking life support equipment.  On a bed the size of a football field lay an equally immense organism – … Continue reading

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A brief history of information

Information expands in sudden bursts or waves which sweep over human communities and wreak havoc with existing relationships.  If we discount the birth of culture 40,000 years ago, there have been five such waves, all in historic times. The first … Continue reading

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