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Kony 2012 and the art of going viral

The online advocacy video Kony 2012 can only be described as a digital enormity, breaking all records and rules.  By one measure, it reached 100 million views in six days, fastest in the history of the web.  But that’s only … Continue reading

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The unsettling “simplifications” of Kony 2012

The popularity of digital platforms, particularly social media, has swept away in a whirl the traditional gate-keepers of information – journalists, scholars, politicians.  By now this is an old story, often told.  Information, once scarce, has become overabundant, and those … Continue reading

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Silent scream: riddle of a street revolt

The overarching theme of this blog is the rise of the public and crisis of authority, propelled by a reversal in the information balance of power.  When applied to actual events, these generalities bump into a paradox:  a riddle.  The … Continue reading

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Homo informaticus: a theory of political influence

The next stage in human evolution is already among us.  This organism will never leave behind fossils or petrified footprints, because it dwells entirely in the digital universe.  Despite the lack of powers vested in me, I have taken the … Continue reading

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