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Staring into the pit: Or, how we learned to love the Iranian bomb

 [Second of a series in which I stare into the pit of global politics, circa January 2016, and write down, without euphemisms, the horrible things I see.] Sometime last week I came upon a disturbing image.  US Navy sailors, hunched … Continue reading

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Staring into the pit

I’m a short-term pessimist, but a long-term optimist.  Tomorrow and tomorrow may be a tale told by an idiot, but in the long run, I believe, sanity will prevail.  That is true at least of the American people.  I have … Continue reading

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Google looks on the face of the public, sees the pictures inside its corporate head

Enter Public and Elites, Fighting In the struggle that defines our moment in history, the correlation of forces, I have argued, pits public against elites.  The public is any group of ordinary people that, in Walter Lippmann’s words, is “interested in … Continue reading

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