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Anti-terror policy and the Muslim black box

Last month, at a seminar in Washington DC, I gained access to a large body of raw data pertaining to global terrorism.  Although the chatter around me was mostly the professional jargon of the terror industry, the charts, I thought, … Continue reading

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Data and terror

I recently attended a half-day seminar at the Institute of Peace in Washington DC, on what I thought was a provocative question:  “Does better data make for better counterterrorism policy?” Only four days had passed since the attacks in Paris.  … Continue reading

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The method and madness of the internet mob

Three Exemplary Tales ONE:  Your teenage son tells you he wants to become a woman.  You confront this parental nightmare with the usual mix of bravado and bewilderment.  You hope it’s a passing phase, and you send the kid to … Continue reading

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Foreign policy in the age of Obama: First principles

The Swirl of Events Barack Obama has presided for six years and change over the government of the most powerful nation on earth:  time enough for decisions and revisions, and for consequences to be manifested. During his tenure, the Middle … Continue reading

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The social function of the news

In his brilliant little book, Human as Media, Andrey Miroshnichenko provides the following explanation of the news business: The journalist’s profession is about picking up on the social demand for consolidated pictures of the world, clipping off the variety of … Continue reading

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Distance and the sickness of democracy

Let’s peer through the fog of events at the place where we now find ourselves. Americans are unhappy with their politics, unhappy with their politicians, distrustful of their government to an almost pathological extent.  To people of the left, our … Continue reading

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Unbundling the nation-state

The most potent organizational form known to history, the nation-state, is fraying at the edges:  unbundling.  The recent “No” vote against independence in Scotland, analyzed correctly, showed every symptom of this unraveling. Britain’s ruling elites panicked, and tried to bribe … Continue reading

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