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The news media: Surveying the wreckage

The Pretense of Objectivity The ideology of news makes two moral claims:  that it is complete, and that it is objective.  News, in other words, provides consumers with just the right amount of information necessary to function as citizens, and … Continue reading

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The social function of the news

In his brilliant little book, Human as Media, Andrey Miroshnichenko provides the following explanation of the news business: The journalist’s profession is about picking up on the social demand for consolidated pictures of the world, clipping off the variety of … Continue reading

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Death of news, “We All Want to Save the World” edition

The following correction recently appeared in the website, a property of the Boston Globe newspaper: Earlier today, published a piece suggesting Harvard Business School Professor Ben Edelman sent an email with racist overtones to Sichuan Garden.  We cannot … Continue reading

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The last temptation of Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera’s popularity stemmed from the perception, shared by a large Arabic-speaking audience, that the satellite newscaster’s editorial decisions were not dictated by any government or party.  Under the banner of “the opinion and the other opinion,” Al Jazeera demonstrated … Continue reading

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The Economist and the news

The July 9 edition of The Economist carries a number of articles ruminating on the “future of news.”  The most perplexing feature of the series is that it nowhere explains what “news” means:  an omission I dwelled on sufficiently in … Continue reading

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What is news?

In its latest edition The Economist has published a series of reports on “the future of news.”  The substance of the report deserves separate treatment in this blog:  suffice to say, here, that it contains much that is interesting, much … Continue reading

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Hushed conversations at the deathbed of the news

I don’t know why they let me in, but the room was vast and domed like a mausoleum yet cluttered with preposterous-looking life support equipment.  On a bed the size of a football field lay an equally immense organism – … Continue reading

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