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Google looks on the face of the public, sees the pictures inside its corporate head

Enter Public and Elites, Fighting In the struggle that defines our moment in history, the correlation of forces, I have argued, pits public against elites.  The public is any group of ordinary people that, in Walter Lippmann’s words, is “interested in … Continue reading

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ISIS and the war on history

Barbarism As a Feature, Not a Bug The Islamic State’s apparent destruction of ancient artifacts at a Mosul museum has been called “barbaric” and “an odious crime…against the heritage of humanity.”  But what looks like barbarism to François Hollande – … Continue reading

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Andrey Miroshnichenko’s review of The Revolt of the Public

Andrey Miroshnichenko is the author of Human as Media, a book I have cited often in this blog.  He and I became connected as fellow scholars who turn out to have an astoundingly similar perspective on the impact of media … Continue reading

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The crisis of European democracy

With the victory of the Syriza Party in Greece, the sickness of European democracy has entered a potentially fatal stage.  Greece is only an indicator – the shrieking alarm around the hospital bed.  Other political establishments in Europe, equally prostrated, … Continue reading

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Trolls and the trolled

You enter a dark forest and encounter a stranger.  You both carry something of value.  Neither of you can appeal to the police for protection.  What happens in the dark forest stays in the dark forest, forever. How should you … Continue reading

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The Gruber revelations

The digital ink was scarcely dry on my last post when a controversy erupted to illustrate its main point.  I wrote that a growing distance between rulers and ruled lay at the heart of the crisis of liberal democracy.  Moments … Continue reading

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Revolt of the public – Midterm elections report

The thesis of my new book can be gleaned from its title:  The Revolt of the Public and the Crisis of Authority in the New Millennium.  A hyperactive public, I maintain, has emerged from the dormant masses of the industrial … Continue reading

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