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Marx and the Fifth Wave

Karl Marx was a creature of the industrial revolution.  Colossal productive forces were unleashed during his lifetime, which swept over and altered every form of human relations.  An irreparable breach opened like a wound between nineteenth-century Europe and its own … Continue reading

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Unfriending the dead

Some months ago, a member of my family died who had an intermittent presence on Facebook.  At her husband’s request, the profile was taken down.  This made sense.  The deceased had left few traces of herself online, and bumping into … Continue reading

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Libya the lab rat

If the Middle East has become a huge laboratory of information effects, Libya’s part in the experiment is the most difficult and uncertain:  that of control animal. From the perspective of information flows, Libya resembles Cuba more than Tunisia or … Continue reading

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The Shirky-Marazov social media dispute turns ugly

An increasingly tedious dispute has sputtered on for months in books and articles over the effects of social media.  This dispute has two sides but three perspectives. Social media optimists believe platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter will have powerful, … Continue reading

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Shutting down the web

On Friday, 28 January, the Egyptian government shut the door on its population’s access to the internet.  How this was done is still unclear.  Initial reports mentioned phoned commands to service providers.  A more recent story posits a single internet … Continue reading

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