Martin Gurri worked for eons as a foreign media analyst for the U.S. government, where he earned many splendid bureaucratic titles but somehow learned a couple of things along the way.

His recent book is The Revolt of the Public and the Crisis of Authority in the New Millennium.  His email is martinfgurri@gmail.com.  His LinkedIn profile is here.

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  1. brad lena says:

    Mr Gurri:

    I came across your website and immediately appreciated your insight regarding the interface between modern media, communications and politics/economics/culture. I’m continually astounding at the antiquated machinations of the political class, It is as if they were on another planet during the digital revolution. They don’t seem to realize while the public is surveilled and data mined so are they. The traditional hit pieces longer has the same value. For example the Boston Globe’s recent faux news front page lambasting the Donald was answered within 24 hrs. with the same production values with the added benefit of recent/current events pillorying the O. Who knows the eyeball count for either, but it blunted what the Globe must of thought witty direct hit and was quickly discarded. In any case keep up the good work. Eat, right, get enough sleep, do not take unnecessary risks, you are one of the few who gets it 😉

    Brad Lena

  2. John Matthew Kane says:

    Hi Martin, I’m reading your book Revolt following my reading of Tiabbi’s column a few weeks ago. Wow, like a lightning bolt to my chest.

  3. gone fishin says:

    Revolt of the public.
    Why is the Audible version not whisper synced to the Kindle version And why does the Audible version not have a detailed table of contents that mirrors the book? Do you realize how much these defects are killing your royalties?

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